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Devoxx tickets on sale

Good news for everyone. You can buy your Devoxx Poland 2018 tickets now. Go now and register.

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Devoxx videos available

We have published all videos that we recorded. Couple videos are not available because either speaker doesn’t allow us to publish video or there were issues with HDCP protection. There are more than a 100 talks, so if you don’t know where to start, here is the list of Top 10 DevoxxPoland 2016 talks: 1. […]

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Only 70 tickets left

It is again awesome year for Devoxx. All Devoxx Total eXPerience and UnVoxxed tickets are sold out. And we have only 70 tickets for the conference itself. Hurry up if you don’t want to miss the best IT event in Poland. There will be tons of knowledge and fun. Including, but not limitted to, flight […]

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Devoxx Poland 2015 videos available

If you haven’t been on Devoxx Poland 2015, you can see what you have missed. All videos are now available for free on Youtube. Here is the playlist with all Devoxx Poland videos.

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Devoxx Poland videos available

We have published all videos from Devoxx Poland 2015. If you participated in Devoxx Poland 2015 conference, you should have received email from parleys with your complimentary access to Devoxx Poland 2015 channel. If you missed Devoxx, you can either buy full access for just 30 EUR or wait for free talks. We will be […]

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You about Devoxx Poland

The first ever Devoxx Poland is over. We have started preparing for Devoxx Poland 2016, however in the meantime, please take a look at blogpost, photos and videos from Devoxx Poland 2015. Please let us know if you wrote blogpost or upload photos and it is not listed here. We will be more than welcome […]

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Devoxx Poland is SOLD OUT second time!!! More than 5 weeks before the conference all 1800 tickets were gone. We have added additional 200 and all of them are gone as well. Total 2000 tickets were sold out!!! However, if you want to feel a bit of Devoxx, there are still available tickets for workshops. […]

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Last available tickets for conference

After being sold out, we have added 250 tickets. Right now we have remaining 80 tickets available. Hurry up and register as we will be sold out second time in less than 2 weeks. Also, you may want to stay 1 day longer in Krakow and take part in our workshops. They cost just 50 […]

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We are SOLD OUT!!!

Devoxx Poland is SOLD OUT!!! More than 5 weeks before the conference all 1800 tickets are gone. Thank you so much for this. We are working to add one more room. We expect decision to be made in couple days, so stay tuned. At the same time, we need to move to Last Minute payment […]

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Free ticket for JUG members

Hi JUG members. It is kind of tradition that Devoxx supports JUGs all over the world. We are also giving away free tickets for active JUGs. It is as simple as following this link and filling 4 fields. We will raffle 1 free ticket for every 10 registered people (max. 20 free tickets), so please […]

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What's Up? #DevoxxPL

@mariofusco @jbossjbpm @DevoxxPL Is session recording already online?

About 5 days ago from Vladi's Twitter

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